We transfer you our knowledge and experience, knowing that you are the future not only of osteopathy, but also of our country.

For today osteopathy has helped already many people. More and more people learn about osteopathy, patients tell about their victories over diseases to friends, bring relatives, turns to doctors grow.

Eurasian Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (EurasIOM)

Eurasian Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (EurasIOM) is the first and meanwhile single educational institute in the whole Eurasian area, providing licensed state education in such innovative area as osteopathy. Osteopathy is natural way to health. Way to improvement of life quality. Osteopathy is the future. We do everything for this future to become the present. Education in EurasIOM is designed for doctors having diploma of higher medical education and wishing to acquire scientific-medical knowledge and complex approach to treatment of people.

EurasIOM provides possibility of getting additional education with subsequent issue of diploma of Doctor of osteopathy. Training is designed for 3.5 years (3000 hours). Teaching is conducted, in particular, by experienced highly skilled teachers from Russia, France within the limits of cooperation with Institute of Osteopathy of St. Petersburg medical academy of postgraduate education, St. Petersburg State University - www.osteopathie.ru.

Доктор Эндрю Стилл - "отец" остеопатии

Andrew Taylor Still, "father of osteopathy"

The founder of osteopathy is Andrew Taylor Still who gave it the below definition in 1892: «Osteopathy is scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology in hands of reasonable and trained person who can use this knowledge for advantage of person who is sick or injured.»